16 Nov 2019

Check Your Windshield Wipers

When you’re driving a car, being able to see the road is critical. If you can’t see where you’re going, it likely isn’t...

When you’re driving a car, being able to see the road is critical. If you can’t see where you’re going, it likely isn’t going to end well for you and those around you. Windshield wipers help keep your visibility unobstructed and clear. Ensuring your wipers are in good working condition is important, but regularly overlooked. Wipers are the only tool we have to clear our windshields when driving; cleaning can mean moving rain away, or pushing snow off, or even cleaning off bug spatter. All of those and more can drastically impend your visibility and increase the likelihood of a serious accident. 


It’s important to check your wipers at regular intervals, even if it’s just to give them a clean every now and again to extend their life and increase their effectiveness. An easy way to clean your wipers is to get a wet rag and just run it up and down your wipers to get rid of any stuck-on impediments. It’s recommended to do a clean every time the season changes, and you should be replacing them every few seasons. 


What wipers should be you be buying? There are three types of general wipers: traditional, hybrid and flat/beam wipers.


Traditional Wipers:

You’re probably most familiar with these types of wipers, as most new cars came standard with these until recently. These wipers have a metal frame and a rubber blade. These wipers have a finite number of pressure points and after time you can start to see streaking because the pressure isn’t being distributed evenly. These wipers are usually the cheapest and tend to last the shortest amount of time before needing a replacement. 


Hybrid Wipers:

These wipers are a combination of the flat and traditional wipers. They have a similar mechanism to the traditional wipers, but also have a protective covering that protects them from the elements. They last longer than traditional wipers and cost a bit more as well.


Flat/Beam Wipers: 

Car manufacturers have recently started installing these standard on new cars. These wipers are made entirely out of rubber, because of this, they perform better in winter conditions and last longer than traditional wipers. The wipers are designed with inherent tension to theoretically give infinite pressure points which means that streaky windshields are a thing of the past. They also use the airflow at driving speeds to stay planted against the windscreen and give a better clean. These are usually the most expensive, but also last longest.


There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking the right wiper for your car and your lifestyle. But whichever wiper you choose, it’s important to check it’s performance at regular intervals to ensure it’s still working properly 


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