29 Feb 2020

Staying Safe During Winter: How to Defrost and Deice your Vehicle

Staying Safe During Winter: How to Defrost and Deice your Vehicle

Staying Safe During Winter: How to Defrost and Deice your Vehicle

Winter weather doesn’t just create hazardous road conditions; it can also put a damper on your visibility. As the snow, sleet, and ice accumulate, your vehicle can quickly become covered in a wintry blanket. To make sure you’ve got proper visibility in the wintertime, let’s take a look at how to properly deice and defrost your vehicle.


Keep It Clear

Your windshield isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when you’re talking about visibility. Start by scraping or brushing the snow and ice off of your windshield. If you can, start your vehicle a few minutes early to let it warm up. While it’s warming up, crank the interior climate controls to full heat and direct all of the heat to the defrost setting.

You should also scrape or brush all of your windows and mirrors. It won’t matter that you can see out of your windshield if you can’t see your side-view mirrors. You’ll also need to clear off any snow or ice on the rear window. Some vehicles are equipped with heated defrost lines on the back window. Take advantage of this feature if you have it because it can make your life a whole lot easier during the winter months.


DIY Deicer

There will be times where your vehicle isn’t warm enough to melt away that thick winter blanket of snow and ice. If you find yourself in a predicament, you can always try a homemade, DIY deicer. Here’s a quick recipe:



Isopropyl Alcohol (a.k.a. Rubbing alcohol)

Spray Bottle



Combine one cup of water with one cup of Isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray on ice and snow and watch it melt away!

Defrosting and deicing your vehicle doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. But it is an incredibly important step to make sure you stay safe during your winter travels. So what do you think? Do you have any tried and true tips? Let us know!

Expert Tip by Team WheelPair

Being a DIYer and a car enthusiast used to be easier. If you’re really ok with downtime and the possibility for extra costs incurred by your potential mistakes, knock yourself out. Otherwise, we suggest someone with some experience on the clock for a project.

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